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How to order

Step 1:

After registering, send us a text with your name, delivery address, and items you would like to order.

Step 2:

We will dispatch a driver and give you an ETA.​

Step 3:

We will text you a few minutes before the driver arrives.​

How to register

How to register for delivery from SameDayOunce:
First time callers are required to text 2 photos to our number (778-512-3265) before ordering.

  •  1 photo of a valid government ID (you can cover up your DL # if it’s a drivers license)
  • 1 photo of you holding the ID so that we know it’s yours (a selfie with the ID in the frame)
    After we receive your registration pictures, you can text your order and we can send a driver to see you.

If you are unable to send photos via SMS, please text us and we will send you an email address to send the photos to.

We look forward to meeting you! 📬🚗💨

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. To place an order:

    • Your age must be over 19 years or above
    • We require an ID proof to ensure that you meet legal requirements
    • You must have a legitimate shipping address.

We prioritize discretion and deliver weed the same day in Langley, Surrey & White Rock. As soon as we receive your order we dispatch our closest driver and give you an ETA (estimated time of arrival). Upon arrival we will give you a heads up text or call 5 mins before your driver arrives. Unless there is specific delivery requirements like drop offs, the customers are expected to meet the driver through the passenger window to receive their package. Please note customers are not permitted to enter the drivers vehicle at any time. 

  • We accept cash and e-transfers only. For cash the drivers will also carry change in case it is needed. For E transfers please inform us before hand so we can send you the corresponding email. We ask the customers to send the transfers before the driver arrives or send proof of transfer via screenshot before the package is dropped off. We will not accept any transfers until after you have received your package.

We do not charge any delivery fees! However we do have a minimum of $35 dollars for any deliveries. If your order is less than $35 we may charge you a delivery fee to meet the minimum requirement for delivery. The only exception for delivery fees are if the customers address is outside of our delivery radius (Please text to check).

We do not recommend people to consume too many edibles initially. In our opinion, 5-10mg and wait for 2 hours as some edibles take longer to feel than others.

If you are having any trouble or need some assistance, please text or call us at your convenience!